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Some users saw the dictator’s mustache in the design, which is a blue duct tape over a curved arrow.

E-commerce company Amazon gave in to the pressure of its users and decided to amend its logo for its mobile app, due to Some people mention the mustache of the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. In fact, it is a modification of the amendment, because the logo in question had been solved at the end of last January the image the company had used so far.

The old icon A shopping cart with the Jeff Bezos company name on top was recently replaced by a logo depicting a package with duct tape on top. Below the bar was the typical curved Amazon arrow, which symbolizes a smile.

The problem was that the tape’s total smile was very similar to Hitler’s mustache, according to some users. This led Amazon designers to make some adjustments, and now the logo appears that the bar is slightly curved, which means it is ready to be removed, and The cut is no longer serrated, but rather smooth, so that at first glance it no longer looks like a mustache.

Trying to describe the idea, the company explained, “We designed the new icon for applications to stimulate the excitement and joy of customers who start their shopping journey with their mobile phones, just like the moment they see our bouquets on their doors.” Behind the new graphic work, which users can see in different countries of the world if they download the company’s app.

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However, the company did not want to specifically address the issue or answer questions about the previous new logo, which debuted at the end of January. The alleged similarity of the logo to Hitler’s mustache, although it could also be Charles Chaplin’s motto, It sparked a discussion among magazines specializing in technology issues, which echoed users’ comments on social networks. (I am)

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