Amarant Barrett assures that if anyone commits acts of corruption, they must be held accountable for justice

Carlos Amarante Barrett, leader of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), said: “If someone gets their hands on something they should not do, they should simply respond if someone is brought to justice for promising corruption.”

The political leader pointed out that many members of the PLD had taken public positions and that even if the government and the modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) wanted to discredit the PLD, anyone who committed any wrongdoing should be held accountable.

“The PLD demands that the proper process be respected and that practical and constitutional guarantees be given to anyone accused of certain types of malpractice,” the former education minister said.

Amarante Barrett, who was interviewed on the TV show “McKinney” written by Color Vision, made it clear that the PRM has a political persecution against the PLD, revealing that his comment “despises all policies implemented over the past eight years”.

In an open reference to President Louis Abinader from the “highest magistrate”, he pointed out that the PLD political group was accused of being a “consortium of criminals” and had a plan to discredit and reduce the party. Morally P.L.T.

In his case, the former official explained that he was summoned from the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic as part of his administration based on an audit conducted by the Chamber of Accounts, which in his opinion wanted to be fresh and funny that the government at one point seriously questioned his administration.

He said the audit of a section of his administration and the audit of the head of education, Josephine Pimentel, found no criminal offenses and some administrative failures that were not exclusive to the time he was in the ministry.

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