Alyska Genesis shows off her alopecia

Venezuelan model Aleska Genesis has been in the public eye since a video of her openly making out appeared on social media last November. Sorcery for singer Nicky Jamwho was his partner.

For these clips, the model became a victim of insults and ridicule. In an interview with Telemundo, the woman admitted that her alleged “dying” of the reggaeton player was part of a joke she played in the company of two friends who betrayed her by posting pictures on the Internet.

however, Aleska once again became a trend in social networks by publishing some photos, in which it is clear that the model is suffering from a severe disease of alopecia.. Also, he explained that his current condition was triggered three months ago.

On her official Instagram account, Genesis shared several photos showing off some uninhabited areas of her hair. He also opined that he had to deal with other health issues like anxiety.

“I’ve tried to show you my best pose and the best face I can (like these first photos) but I can’t deny that I’m very emotionally affected… I’ve been suffering through this whole process in silence, in silence.”Reading the publication.

The woman admitted to suffering from insomnia, pain and depression. “I have had anxiety treatments, this started 3 months ago, I have decided to completely cut off the relationship and contact that has hurt me, mistreated me and defied me for five years, today he continues and nothing. Have mercy on me”wrote

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She also revealed that three months ago she was abused and harassed by her ex-partner to Nicki Jam. He has also filed an affidavit and sought an injunction against this person.

On Instagram, the model He showed painful treatment To get her hair back.

“For those who don’t know I shaved my hair, no! That’s how it started to fall out, creating holes until they joined and little by little they grew more,” he wrote.

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