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Leaders of countries forming the Bolivarian Alliance (ALBA) in Havana this Friday.MIRAFLORES PALACE (via REUTERS)

The controversial US summit convened by the administration of US President Joe Biden did not begin in Los Angeles, but in Havana. Ten days before the hemisphere meeting organized by Washington, the Cuban capital held this Friday Presidential meeting of the ten countries that make up the alpha (Bolivarian Alliance for the People of Our America). Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua have become the liaison agents for countries that sought to exclude the United States from the meeting due to their lack of democracy, and they have finally doubled Washington’s diplomatic portfolio by setting the conference agenda.

No one is talking anymore about the content that needs to be discussed at the US Summit. The question of whether it should be inclusive, of accepting countries that the US does not tolerate and considers dictatorial, or of accepting that exemptions are normal, has been reduced to a minimum. Opposition from several governments, including Washington’s key allies Mexico or ArgentinaIt has become a dream come true for the summit organizers Weight and influence will increase in the region.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has made it very clear in Havana that a large part of Latin America, with different speeches and titles, has rebelled against the United States and should be celebrated. “The voice of the continent echoes,” Maduro assured with success, noting that “it is worth fighting for many years to raise the flags of dignity for Latin America and the Caribbean.”

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The President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lபpez Obrador, reiterated this Friday, If there are exceptions, he will not attend the meeting. The Bolivian president, Louis Ars, made the same point in Havana: “The United States’ arbitrary decision to exclude Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela under the pretext that their governments do not respect the democratic charter has only weakened the organization. Of the forum ”. Maduro also thanked Argentine President Alberto Fernandez for his announcement against the veto.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, Who refused to attend Wednesday’s meeting despite being last invited, said in his opening remarks that the United States had “no political or moral authority” to decide who should be invited and who should not be invited. The president accused Washington of “anti-democratic” practices for failing to establish “a pluralistic position” in the hemisphere and for “disregarding differences.”

The final declaration of the ALBA summit (an organization founded by the late Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro in 2004, currently in Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Bolivia, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Granada, San Cristobal and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Saint Vincent and Going to be the party, it happened. The document, first, condemns “claims of imperialist hegemony over Latin America and the Caribbean that divide the region according to its hegemonic interests.”

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The ALBA rejected the “arbitrary, ideological and political expulsion” of Havana, Managua and Caracas, known as the “US Summit” to be held in Los Angeles, between June 6 and 10. This “unilateral decision” is, in his opinion, “a serious historical setback in the hemispheric relations that are hurting the Latin American and Caribbean peoples.” For this reason, they support “the right of all nations of the continent to participate in the terms and conditions equal to those invited,” insisting that the host country “does not have the right to impose exceptions or conditions that infringe on its sovereignty.” Freedom. “

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An important passage reads, “They support and appreciate the courageous and dignified position adopted by the governments, social actors, organizations and fraternal peoples of our continent. Those who strongly and in various ways rejected those who were excluded from the Los Angeles crowd”. Some thought inside and outside the United States Veto to Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela It could provoke a reaction like the one seen, which would shatter the US summit and turn those who want to be excluded into heroes of an unprecedented confrontation with Washington.

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