All personal data that ChatGPT collects from you each time you use it

The wonderful structure of chat Which allows diverse AI responses and solutions to people’s questions and instructions, is the nice part about creating Open AIHowever, as in any process of using this type of platform, the collection of private data is essential to know, in order to take the necessary precautions.

Data that ChatGPT collects:

  • In the first part, they specify that when you create an account, personal information is collected, such as Name, contact information, and connection data such as the browser itself or the IP address.
  • All messages that are typed and actions that are performed by the user are collected. In this way, they aggregate all the interactions they have with previously collected usernames in order to perform better research or tasks and analyze the services offered. Even these questions and messages go to third party apps.
  • The data is provided to “vendors and service providers, including providers of hosting services, cloud services, other IT service providers, event management services, email communication software, and email newsletter services.” Email and web analytics services. “
  • Personal data is collected through a cookie system using third-party providers. which is that according to this same text, User browsing information may be collected even after accessing the platform The goal is to find out where the user went after writing a message to ChatGPT.

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var stage = decodeURIComponent(0); var options = JSON.parse(decodeURIComponent('%7B%22')); var allOptions = {};

if (stage > 0 && window.DTOptions) { allOptions = window.DTOptions.getAll();

Object.keys(options).forEach(function(groupK) { if (options[groupK] && typeof options[groupK] === 'object') { Object.keys(options[groupK]).forEach(function(k) { if (!allOptions[groupK] || typeof allOptions[groupK] !== 'object') { allOptions[groupK] = {}; }

allOptions[groupK][k] = options[groupK][k]; }); } }); } else { allOptions = options; }

var getAll = function () { return allOptions; };

var get = function (key, group, def) { key = key || ''; group = group || decodeURIComponent('qnqb92BhrzmkpqGx'); def = (typeof def !== 'undefined') ? def : null;

if (typeof allOptions[group] !== 'undefined') { if (key && typeof allOptions[group][key] !== 'undefined') { return allOptions[group][key]; } }

return def; };

var set = function (key, group, data) { key = key || ''; group = group || decodeURIComponent('qnqb92BhrzmkpqGx'); data = data || null;

if (key) { if (typeof allOptions[group] === 'undefined') { allOptions[group] = {}; }

allOptions[group][key] = data; } };

var del = function (key, group) { key = key || ''; group = group || decodeURIComponent('qnqb92BhrzmkpqGx');

if (typeof allOptions[group] !== 'undefined') { if (key && typeof allOptions[group][key] !== 'undefined') { allOptions[group][key] = null; } } };

window.DTOptions = { get: get, getAll: getAll, set: set, del: del, }; }());

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