Alianza Lima – Carlos Zambrano slams Campeones del 36 stadium: “It’s a disaster”

Colombian Pablo Sabac with a goal, Lima Alliance 2023 Betsson scored a crucial 1-0 win over Alianza Atlético on matchday 11 of the Ligue 1 Apertura match. The result helped the Blue and White team maintain their lead. However, it wasn’t all happiness for the two-time national champion.

And that’s it Carlos Zambrano He criticized the facilities and pitch of the Campeones del 36 stadium in Sullana, where Alianza Atlético plays at home.

“The only bad thing is the pitch. It’s time to change these pitches. To be competitive, the Peruvian league has to have better pitches. It’s very difficult when you play against the heat, against the team, against the pitch. It’s a shame. Pitches like this, changing rooms like this, it’s A disaster. There should be a little more respect for the players and a lot of things should change,” the 33-year-old national defender said.

“It cost us a lot, the pitch, the weather, but it was difficult for us because we didn’t guarantee the game. If we had made two clear chances, we would have kept the result quiet”, added the former player of German teams such as Schalke 04, St. Pauli and Eintracht Frankfurt.

Alianza Lima in the table

A group led by Guillermo Salas took over the leadership of Apertura. After nine games, he has 21 points, his closest rival is Universitario de Deportes (19).

alliance, pending a match against César Vallejo, will play Cantolao at home the following day at the Alejandro Villanueva Stadium. The meeting will take place on Saturday 15th April from 7pm Peruvian time.

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The team has produced a team that has won three national championships. Its figures include Pablo Sabac, Carlos Zambrano, Gabriel Costa, Brian Reyna, Cristian Cueva.

Alianza Lima is the top seed in the opening round

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