Alfa residents have to park their cars in the air … even higher than the multi-storey car park of the Arad Town Hall, although there are solutions – Special Arad latest news from Arad

The problem of parking spaces throughout Arad is no longer unknown to anyone, but it seems that where it was solved one way or another, things were done but not much. We are talking about the situation in the Alfa neighborhood that a neighbor of Arad from that neighborhood told us about. This in The phone number of the special reader Arad (0749629228), accuses the Local Police of mistreatment after his car was picked up during the morning of Tuesday, January 26. Of course, the car was not parked regularly because it was in the green zone near the block where he lives, but the situation is a bit more complicated. Our reader assures that neither he nor other tenants can find parking spaces once the parking lot has entered the works that are part of the Urban Regeneration.

The parking lot referred to by Mr. Remus Aurelian is the multi-storey one, also called Fast Park, which from the construction point of view is finished, but is not put into use because it does not enter the Recons administration. From here, however, some “bureaucrats” flow that the City Council could solve very simply, but since nothing is easy and fast in Arad, some water will flow over Mureș until the problem is solved.

Returning, the multi-storey car park remains “under lock and key” until the moment of the auction of the spaces, and the inhabitants of Alfa are forced to park where they can (sidewalk, green area). Also, “no parking” signs have been installed everywhere, so they can theoretically park their cars only in the air, so as not to risk being picked up in front of the block. So, fed up with the situation, our reader makes a proposal, namely, to open the multi-storey car park up to the auction and put it into service, after which the spaces can be put up for auction, which does not seem at all out of the question. place. This is especially because the signs with no parking and multi-story gated parking are a bit shocking. If the parking lot is still empty, why wouldn’t citizens be allowed to park their cars in the parking lot for them?

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And the proposal is so good and because, as I found out on the phone with the director of Recons, Nicolae Mehelean, it will be at least a month and a half before the auction for parking spaces is reached.

The usual bureaucracy stretches the nerves of the people of Arad

To be received, the parking lot we are talking about is received by the City Council, only it is not under the management of the Recons. What should the tenants of the Alpha blocks do until then? Sit next to cars day and night, just to not be picked up by the Local Police?

According to the law, as the Arad City Council spokesperson informs us, multi-storey car parks cannot be used by the inhabitants of Arad as they have not been transferred to the Recons administration. In the first place, a draft decision must be submitted to a vote in the Municipal Council, and only after its approval and transfer to the administration of the company Recons can it go to the auction stage. Dear, the spokesperson told us that this will happen in the spring.

In other words, at least until spring, citizens must fend for themselves. Instead of being helped by the administration, they are penalized with the collection of cars and, of course, with the corresponding payment of several hundred lei to recover them.

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