Alex Verdugo revealed the problems with Cora in Boston

Gardener Alex Verdugo It was one of the ways out Boston Red Sox In this low season. The left-hander came New York Yankees Through a trade that included three pitchers: Richard Fitz, Nicholas Judis and Greg Weisert.

Alex Vertugo was a big signing for the Boston Red Sox in the trade that sent the star Mookie Bets to do Los Angeles Dodgers In 2020. However, since then, he has been an OK hitter and a good fielder. Even last year, he was a finalist Golden Glove of the American League.

In addition to contractual issues, such as his substantial salary increase through 2024, there may have been another reason for his departure. Alex Verdugo From Boston. This February 22, the player spoke to one of its key figures about some of the problems he had with the team: Alex Cora.

Alex Verdugo talks about his relationship with Alex Cora

Much has been revealed about the uneasy relationship between the Boston manager, Alex Cora and former Red Foot player, Alex Verdugo. Last December, the outfielder talked about his former coach during an interview and dropped some clues. “I am very excited to work Aaron Boone. I have seen the way he supports his players. Something I would like to see from my head coach. “I like to see the fire, and some fight for the boys.”, expresses In an exchange published by Alex Verdugo Talking Yanks.

Well this February 22, Alex Verdugo He spoke again of his troubles with Cora in Boston. According to the player, this is one of the reasons he saw fit to leave Red socks soon. “In a way, Alex Cora was hard on me. But I don't hold any grudges against him. That was one of the things that led me to the end, and we went off the road a little bit.”Confessed the player with Mexican roots.

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On the other hand, on February 19, Alex Cora The journalist interviewed Fernando Rayo, where he talked about the departure of the two Chris Sale such as Alex Verdugo. “They're two great players. Alex is a complete player, except when he's playing against us, and we want the best in New York. But I think we got more pitching depth, especially because of the three pitchers we got from New York.”, expresses Cora.

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