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After he parted ways with , In February 2020, He kept his personal life away from the cameras. Recently, however, she was caught up with a man who was her new partner. The news came after Eugenio Derpes’ daughter posted photos of her vacation in Switzerland and Guatemala.

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At the age of 35, the Mexican actress enjoyed exploring the landscapes of Switzerland and Guatemala and other parts of the world in the company of some friends, but one detail sparked the interest of her fans and media. Will one of them be your new love?

It happened in the mountains Guatemala And the comrades were identified as Vadir; Aloisian Vivancos starring in Aitor CardoneRavens Club”; And Belgian speaker Jonathan Coupon.

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The confirmation of rumors about the new Icelandic love gained more power when the Aloysius published a story Instagram Heart emoji with photo of the two and with the phrase “Both of these”.

But many will wonder how the photography was. Well, you can see in that Islin Derbus Y Jonathan Cuben From behind they see the blue sky and the Volcano de Fuego, which is the most active in Central America and the most active in the world.

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Who is Jonathan Cuban?

The actress enjoyed her vacation Jonathan Cuben, He works as an inspiring speaker and is of Belgian nationality but of Mexican descent. He is well known for the different releases of momimfine on his Instagram account. Despite this, they were in love a few months ago, but the two denied that version.

What happened in Switzerland?

It was also learned through social media that the two had traveled to Switzerland, and later, the actress released a release, where followers told them “True and smooth”.

6 most fun and memorable days in one of the most beautiful places in the world … then we will show you the end result of this trip which definitely took me out of my comfort zone with serious activities, Posted by the actress.

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