Aislinn Derbez and her boyfriend Jonathan Kubben sprinkling honey on this beautiful postcard

That was earlier this month Aislyn Derbes Confirmed his love with Jonathan Coupon, Despite months of rumors that they had a relationship beyond friendship.

However, since then he has tried to be prudent in sharing his relationship on social networks, which is why a tender postcard he recently shared with an influencer caught our attention.

L. through his Instagram accountThe actress uploaded a black and white photo, In which she can be seen lying on her boyfriend’s lap, he holds her head with one of his hands, she closes her eyes and lets Jonathan go by himself. And although he had no explanation with the film, he was able to evoke emotions due to the romantic nature of that photo.

Apparently, the couple spent a separate season because they were celebrating Christmas with their respective families and a few days ago they met again at the Mexico City airport.

IG: isaislinnderbez

That was last December 1st Aislyn y Jonathan They first fell in love on their social networks and made their relationship public. “Yes, it’s worth falling in love again, opening your heart and engaging in romanticism … but the success of a relationship is long enough to be measured by the kind of silly social precedents we’ve grown up with.” That is what the celebrity has posted on Instagram.

He added: “Thank you Jonathan Coupon for the prosperity, adventures, fun and love you have brought into my life. Ever since I met you, I have been amazed at your creativity, your ingenuity, your unique lifestyle in everything you do.

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