Airspace redesign of the Valley of Mexico suspended – El Sol de Toluca

After granting a provisional suspension, a federal judge ordered the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) to suspend the redesign of the airspace of the Valley of Mexico, which was necessary to integrate the new Felipe Ángeles Airport.

Colonos de Tecamachalco, in Huixquilucan, reported that there is also the decision of the District Judge based in Naucalpan, who instructed the federal authorities to reuse the air routes established before the implementation of the redesign.

In response, Services to Navigation in the Mexican Air Space (Seneam), an entity dependent on the SCT, assured that in respect of the rule of law, the requests of the competent authorities in matters of operational safety were addressed.

But there is also an injunction that was promoted by a citizen, who claimed that the new air scheme affects her right to a healthy environment; He also complained about the lack of environmental studies for the change.

However, the judge recognizes that the new airspace scheme of the Valley of Mexico endangers the right of neighbors to live in a healthy environment, since now the planes pass at a distance close to their home and cause excessive noise.

The settlers affirm that the SCT implemented last March the first phase of the redesign of the airspace of the Valley of Mexico, which also included the airports of Mexico City and Toluca, but so far the project is suspended before the decision of the judges .

Federal deputies asked for a report on the attention of citizen complaints.

Deputies requested from the month of May to the Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC), the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) and Navigation Services in the Mexican Air Space (Seneam) a report on the environmental impact study of the redesign and on the mechanisms of attention to the complaints of citizens affected by the new routes.

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The request was promoted by the deputies Lorena Villavicencio and Sergio Mayer Bretón through a proposal with a point of agreement.

As a first point, they requested an explanation of the measures carried out to mitigate the environmental impact derived from the noise generated by the passage of airplanes, the environmental impact studies and the alleged effects on air operations due to the suspensions ordered by the federal judges.

The SCT authorities are asked to set up work tables with neighborhood representatives, where representatives of the government of Mexico City, the State of Mexico and legislators participate as mediators, in order to attend to complaints and citizen affectations, a situation that does not it has been fulfilled, reported the settlers of Tecamachalco.

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