Airbnb now lets you sublet apartments in South Florida

Airbnb recently allowed a method of subletting in the city of Miami. The business, aimed at investors and hosts in particular, has already been available in the rest of the country since last year.

Now, initially, apartments could be sublet in a building located in Wynwood. However, the idea is expected to soon spread to the rest of South Florida. The privileged place is the complex Central Winwoodlocated at 51 NW 26th Street. The property is confirmed to have 175 apartments available for rent.

What is new about this type of business is that you do not have to own the home in order to rent it out. “Only those who rent long-term will be able to sublet their space,” Reem Samhouri, one of the building’s employees, told Telemundo. Similarly, clients may be offered the entire home if the current tenants are on vacation or out of town for any reason.

Flexible contracts on the way

Airbnb’s director of communications himself, Carlos Olivos, referred to the issue. “There are already negotiations with developers and building managers for contracts to be flexible on the platform.”

“If you go on vacation, you can show your flat Airbnb friendly apartment and earn extra income. Of course, each building is the one who sets its regulations with the tenant, and sets all the conditions that he must abide by.”

The process is very simple. However, it is necessary to adhere to the requirements set by the licensed building managers. You should check if any of them do not allow this type of negotiation. If this is the case, the tenant may not violate the agreed rules or offer his apartment illegally.

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Airbnb states that the primary benefit is additional income generation. For Miami, the monthly average can be as high as $650.00. Meanwhile, those who are looking for a place to live will find very affordable prices. All are advantages with this new form of business.

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