After suffering from Govt disease, Adamari Lopez is very handsome

Adamari Lopez Over the years, she has shown that she is a first-rate Puerto Rican actress and television presenter, so her popularity is growing daily in various parts of the continent. In addition, the beautiful Latina confirmed her excellent acting skills after appearing in several soap operas. In Mexico This is known thanks to the soap opera “Friends and Rivals” 2001.

At the end of 2021, he worked as a judge on the beautiful Puerto Rican reality show “That’s how you dance” That emerged through the signal Telemundo. There, the famous Latin offers various returns to the participants, which can be of great help to them. For its part, அடமாரி She was one of the introductory heroines of the competition mentioned above, leaving tears in her eyes at the Colombian dance. Gregorio Bernia And your daughter Luna.


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