After recommending a numerology course to teachers, the Galaţi School Inspectorate changed its mind

Galaţi County School Inspectorate Director Selena Costea sent an address to schools on Wednesday, stating that protection regarding “Numerology, a teacher-student connection” is not relevant in relation to policy priorities educational.

It is a 180 degree change compared to last week, when IŞJ Galaţi invited the teachers to get started in numerology.

Through the document sent by the director of IŞJ Galaţi a week ago, teachers of formal and alternative education in Galaţi were invited to participate in an online project entitled “Numerology: a connection between teacher and student”.

The director of IŞJ Galaţi stated at the time that he was not active in the study of numerology in schools.

“Since the application came officially, it was natural to take this step (…) I did not set out to study numerology in schools,” said the school inspector, Selena Costea, during a press conference.

Numerology is the science of numbers that uses astral mathematics and serves astrologers to define human destiny.

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