After previewing her new music project, Yailin unleashes a new controversy that’s “so viral”

When it’s Tuesday night Carol G And Anuel AA They were discovered Currently In Award of MTV Video Music Awards, Yale’s “Most Viral” made it known Progress What will be your new one? project Some of the professional sharing Pictures in your account instagramwith which Unleashed A new one Controversy.

This is in advance The Dominican offered its fans No It was good i saw By some who think he did it Irritate And are competing with “Pizzota” And this Dad from him daughter. “When Carole and Anuel are at the VMAs. Carole wins an award and Yaline moves the plate, haha, what a talent. And Carole uploads a video and photo at the same time she wins the award and tries to outdo Carole. Again, it shows what a woman she is,” A said. user.

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