After leaving the operating room, KP Spaniard shows the results of his new cosmetic surgery

KP Spanish He was not afraid of the operating room, so, when he came back Hungary after participating in the show “Dancing with the Stars”, His trusted physician in Miami, Dr. Louis Gill, went on to do some new touch-ups and shared the results with his fans.

Venezuela explained through its social media that she is undergoing a new surgical intervention as she has significantly reduced her body weight after participating in “La Casa de Los Famosos” and a reality show dance in Europe.

The operation was performed last Thursday, and 16 hours later, Spaniard reappeared on the network with a celebrity attending specialist and showed them what it was like. In the films, the actress is seen as very painful, yet very smiling and happy with the results.

I woke up as if nothing had happened, a little painful, normal, but very good, I was a little annoyed, but the results would soon be visibleWhen the protagonist of “La Usurpadora” explained, the doctor said: “This is wonderful.”

In addition, Gill promised to wait a few more weeks to see the final results of the surgery, however, he made sure everything went right.

It was spectacular. We’re going to show you how it happened and how we did it, but then, he’s recovering now. I can tell you that everything was right and very good“, he said.

Spanick shared with his followers that he was very happy and smiling and that the whole process went as expected and without any setbacks.

After attending a reality show called “Dancing with the Stars” in Hungary, we recall that Venezuela recently came to Miami, USA, where he spent several weeks.

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Now that he is back home, he is getting ready to welcome the year 2022 and embarking on professional projects throughout it. One of them will be Telenovela’s Telenovela Corazon Guerrero, where he will play one of the main characters.

Disagreement with Alicia Machado

After she left the Telemundo reality show, the actress went to Europe to fulfill another job commitment, and when she returned to Miami, the media did not waste time asking her about the relationship between Alicia Machado and Roberto Romano.

With her character, Spaniard revealed: “My dear, I do not want to enter into anyone’s personal life. I already thought about what I told her inside La Casa de los Famosos”. What she made clear was that she was not a woman to “go to bed with anyone” and she was really going to do it, where they would be broadcast on the TV network 24 hours a day.

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