“After almost 4 years of persuasion they achieved it”

Producer and President of “This Is Not Radio”, Ariel SantanaSaddened this Friday that Hony Estrella resigned from his radio slot on Alofoke FM from Monday to Friday after Santiago Madias confirmed the information in the middle of an event at Carnegie Hall.

Santana described Estrella's departure from the project after more than three years with the original cast since its inception in April 2021 as a “loss.”

“People live more forward, people live more forward, but there are people, and there's Honey Estrella,” Santana said during the ENR broadcast this morning.

The comedian attributed his partner's decision to friends and colleagues from the media pressuring him to stop being a part of the platform, which he admitted he found “peaceful”.

“If it's for your peace, one hundred percent, if you need it, I want you to have peace at this time to make other plans. But Honey and I had another plan, to make a wonderful plan, I thought. To get rid of Sergio Vargas from Honey,” he noted.

Santana explained that she had planned to say goodbye, but “she doesn't even trust my mother anymore,” a message Manolo Ozuna did on his show a few days ago, before Santiago Matias made it official.

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