After a week of tension in Brazil, the vice president promised “no room for institutional breakdown.”

Jair Bolsanaro and Hamilton Mourav (Photo: Reuters)

Vice President of Brazil, General of the Army Reserve Hamilton Morrow, Ruled out a possibility on Monday Institutional breakdown Or a conspiracy in the largest Latin American country. “Strong rhetoricFrom the Chancellor, the far-right leader Jair Bolzano.

There is no room for space in the 21st century. We can not change what happened in the 20th century to the present day. Is there strong rhetoric on the part of our government? Is there. But there is no action related to that rhetoric, “Mourao said in an interview Radio Kawcha And when asked about If Bolzano presses a conspiracy in Brazil.

Six days after Bolsanaro, the vice president spoke about the institutional crisis in Brazil, during demonstrations in front of thousands of followers. Encourage them to violate the orders of the Supreme Court or the decisions of Parliament contrary to their interests.

The Brazilian far-right leader led the massive protests on September 7 by his supporters Dissolution of the Supreme Court and Parliament by “military intervention” with Bolzano.

A day later, groups of truckers followed Bolsanaro They blocked roads in many states of the country They also demanded the removal of the Supreme Court judges.

“There is no room for gaps. It has to be very clear. There are no actions associated with that rhetoric. I see this as the strong rhetoric of our government rather than actions that lead to a breakdown.“, Mourao insisted In recent months he has distanced himself from the head of state and has been less aggressive.

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Jair Bolsanaro and Hamilton Mourav (Photo: Reuters)
Jair Bolsanaro and Hamilton Mourav (Photo: Reuters)

Mourav said Polrano could be more Be careful Many times with their statements their attacks create crises that are detrimental to the country.

“I think a lot of things can be said in a more polished way, Without violating protocol limits. The government does many things that do not appear to be due to that strong rhetoric. For throwing a smoke screen for their positive actions“, He said.

“Our institutions are strong, Brazilian democracy is strong, and It does not change for some texts that are made from one page or the otherVice President added.

The institutional crisis in Brazil eased somewhat on Thursday when Bolzano released a “letter to the nation” after several weeks of provocation with other powers. In it he said he did not want to “attack” the Supreme Court or Congress.

The president admitted, “the country is divided between companies,” but blamed “Unity (between powers) is a constitutional will that must be respected by all, without exception.”

Following the attacks on other powers, various departments, including Supreme Court justices, AlThey argued that the head of state was involved in so-called “criminal offenses.”, Justifying the opening of an indictment trial in Congress prompted Bolzano to step back.

According to Mara, Bolzano’s “Letter to the Nation” helped ease tensions in Brazil. “It is through speaking that we understand each other. If we all stand on opposite sides of the street and act like wild dogs, there is no conversation. We have to cross the street. “, Said.

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