Afghanistan, minute by minute: China says Taliban are more relaxed and rational

Senators Romney and Globuscher send executive letter to Biden over expulsion of journalists from Afghanistan

Senators Mitt Romney and Amy Globuscher urged the Biden administration to take action to protect and expel journalists in Afghanistan.

In a letter to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Secretary of Defense Alejandro Majorcos and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Globuscher and Romney said that the United States “must respect its commitment to a free press by taking steps to ensure the safety of journalists.” Support families.

“The Taliban have been attacking journalists for a long time, and it continues today,” two senators wrote. “Despite this danger, journalists must be the first to report on the conflict in Afghanistan for 20 years, inform citizens and hold government leaders accountable. Those who have contributed to an independent and transparent press in Afghanistan must be retaliated against by the Taliban and brought back safely.”

“It is estimated that more than 200 journalists and support staff in Afghanistan are trying to leave the country, excluding their families. Please ensure that journalists and journalists are not forgotten as the departure flights continue. Support staff,” added.

Some contexts: Several news organizations and press support groups said this week that they were working with the United States to expel workers from Afghanistan.

A Biden executive told CNN on Monday that dozens of foreign officials, including some top officials, were in constant contact with US media outlets about the efforts, apart from its staff and subsidiaries. This will be a priority, the official said at the time.

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