Additions Mexico need to reach the last group game in Qatar in 2022 alive

The Mexico national team faces Argentina in a crucial clash that could define their future at the World Cup.

Mexico Front collision Argentina In practice, the next event, this Saturday, aims to get three points Group level of Qatar World Cup 2022. The challenge is not easy because the South American team must win at any cost if they want to stay alive in the international competition.

The Mexican team measured up to Argentina You already know part of your destiny and what you need to do before that AlbicelesteOr rather, the edge of maneuver he might have against the South American side.

Because of this condition Saudi Arabia Y Poland A few hours before they clash, so the Saudi team can leave themselves in first place in the group, or Poland Win their first win and squeeze it all into the last date.

Then inside ESPN We present you with that panorama Tricolor flag He must make it to the final game alive Saudi ArabiaAs well as different panoramas.

If Arabia scores Poland Y Mexico A Argentina

If the Saudis beat the Poles, they will reach the top of Group C with a six-place finish. Mexico beats ArgentinaThey automatically eliminate South Americans Tricolor flag Reaching second place in the field Poland He would pick up a point in third place.

Already on the last date, Mexico Y Saudi Arabia Defines team leader and second position Poland violates Argentina And this Mexican team Even if they lose, the Poles can still leave Gerardo Martino’s pupils.

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Arabia means and Poland Tie and Mexico success

in this situation, Saudi Arabia And this Tricolor flag They have the same units and the target difference defines first and second place. Further, Argentina It will be removed and the Poles will try to advance at the deadline by trying to defeat the South Americans and hope that the Saudis or the Aztecs will fail.

If they lose to Saudi Arabia Poland Y Mexico success

The Tricolor flag It will be tied to poles with four units and in the last scenario, goal difference will be awarded to first and second place. Further, Argentina The two who exit and advance to the next round at the deadline will be determined, as the Saudis, with three units, must win Mexico To advance to the round of 16.

If Arabia wins and Mexico bandage

The Saudis will advance as group leaders by reaching six divisions Tricolor flag He would be second with two points. Meanwhile, Poland and Argentina are left with a point and will have to wait for one of those teams to win at the deadline. Mexico Defeat or draw against the Asians.

Arabia means and Poland Tie and Mexico bandage

Saudis first, Poles second, everything will remain as it is today Tricolor flag Third, besides that Argentina It is not removable and has a single unit. then, Mexico to conquer Arabia at the latter date, and Argentina One Poland Defeat the other so that they pass the seconds by goal difference.

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Yes Poland success and Mexico misses

The Poles top Group C with four units, followed by Arabia with three units Argentina And three more, so MexicoLast in the field with only one unit and they need to beat Arabia on the last date and hope to have a winner in the game. Poland Y ArgentinaBecause the winner goes first Tricolor flag May aspire to second place.

Yes Saudi Arabia success and Mexico misses

The Arabs will take the top spot with six points. Argentina Three, while the second will be Mexico Y Poland They will be down by a point. The Tricolor flag It should Poland to defeat Albiceleste And will be forced to hit Saudi Arabia And finish with a higher goal difference than the Europeans.

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