Adamari Lopez shows up before and after putting on Botox

After reaching the age of 50, not more than one year, not less than one year, Adamari Lopez She took an important step in her beauty routine: the Botox injection.

Genuna, as always, took her followers to the hospital to take this definite step on her face. Not only that, he showed the doctor before and after the procedure.

Although the expert assured that the presenter’s skin was fine, he revealed the areas on her face to hide some wrinkles and give more softness to the skin.

With this detailed video on Facebook “I’m going here today to share with you a dessert that will make me look and feel better.” Dr. Marquez was in charge of carrying out the procedure and showed pictures of how he got there and how his skin improved.

Before knowing the process, Adamari wanted to highlight something very important and convincing to people who plan to do the same. “I share this Node Definitely do it with a good doctor and responsibly, ”he stressed.

The Puerto Rican actress has never denied that she is a regular in beauty treatment. He takes great care of his skin by adjusting and massaging his eyebrows and rubbing his body whenever possible. But all this is still thanks to the natural beauty of nature.

His flawless trick is to remove makeup when he gets home and wear it only when needed. Her washed face remains the face of a young woman even though she is in her fifth decade. Always beautiful, inside and out.

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