Adamari Lopez shows amazing change without filters or makeup

Actress and presenter Adamari Lopez He did not stop making an impact on social networks because he admits how he loses more than 15 kg in his process, he guesses an image that causes more than one suffocation, however, now Puerto Rican showed. Showed an amazing transition without filters or makeup.

Through her social media accounts, she is a native of Puerto Rico and the current host of the morning show “Hoi Thea”, working to show how she achieved her goal and lost weight. Olga Donon said the actress had undergone surgery, Lopez All of this, he says, is based on good nutrition and exercise.

The truth is, it does not matter how the 50-year-old Adamari achieved his ideal weight, because the main thing is that since he did it, he has become more confident and confident in the clothes he prides himself on on social media and social networks. He is on TV with millions of fans.

Adamari Lopez shows a surprising change

The beautiful actress, who is the best role model for all women fighting or battling breast cancer, surprised her millions of followers this Saturday. Wonderful change In the video through his Instagram account.

In a clip released by the beautiful Puerto Rican, you can see what he is wearing without filters or makeup In the same scene where he showed his disheveled hair and beautiful smile in the first scene, to the amazement of the fans, in the next film he shows himself very beautifully with a very chic look.

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This is how Adamari showed his surprising change. Photo: Special

“Let beauty come with you everywhere! Greetings from Israel, my beautiful people,” the actress wrote, gaining fame in Mexico with soap operas such as “Amigas y Revels” and “Logura de Amore”. Release of அடமாரி It quickly reached hundreds of comments, and within hours of sharing the video it had already generated 46,500 “likes”.

If there is light in Miss Universe 2021

Nowadays, Lopez It is located in Eilat, Israel, where she was part of the jury for the beauty pageant. Miss Universe 2021, Will have its final episode this Sunday, December 12th, and yesterday it carried out its initial tests.

“I’m excited to be selected as a judge for this 70th edition of @missuniverse. Today was the premiere, I really enjoyed it. Here are some pictures, Sunday’s match live,” he wrote. அடமாரி With a series of pictures he expresses elegance Her black skirt dress and colored crystal top.

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