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There is no doubt that the charm and sympathy he wastes They have made her one of the most beloved TV characters; Also, in addition to her role as an actress and jury member in “Aussie Say Baila”, she has been responsible for putting the audience in a pocket.

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The situation is not wasted by the TV presenter who is very active on social networks, where he publishes his daily activities. Precisely, On his Instagram account, he used the opportunity to create a stir with a clip found half-open dress with blue and white vertical stripes., Indicating that he was not wearing anything underneath.

Although he looked down on the camera like a professional model, he did not miss this opportunity to say why he did not dedicate himself to the world of catwalks before starring in Puerto Rican. Next, we will tell you why.

The actress jokes about some of the overweight topics (Photo: Adamari Lopez / Instagram)

The reason why Adamari Lopez is not a model

Adamari Lopez gave the reason why he could not shine in the world of catwalks. While playing with his clothes in the kitchen, he briefly uttered the following sentence: “I’m going to be a model, but I met coffee with bread, I loved it.”.

That’s it Alayya’s mother jokingly picked up the excess weight she had been experiencing for some time, And although initially he did not pay attention to the questions and criticisms, he decided to switch to his health and daughter.

With this, the “friends and rivals” heroine has no problem mentioning that certain foods have a certain weakness, but now she takes them responsibly.

After several months of strenuous exercise and a healthy diet, Adamari Lopez shows a refreshed image (Photo: @altaimages / Instagram)
After several months of strenuous exercise and a healthy diet, Adamari Lopez shows a refreshed image (Photo: @altaimages / Instagram)

How did Adamari Lopez deal with being overweight in the old video?

Adamari Lopez knows all about his current appearance and all that he has achieved to continue to take care of his health day by day.; However, when she watched a video with many extra pounds, she responded in a certain way.

Instead of being ashamed of being overweight, he talked about how to achieve goals he sets for himself, especially when it comes to health and self-esteem issues.

“I saw this video a while ago when I started exercising and the truth is: ‘I’m amazed at what I have achieved!’ It’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth the effort. I hope I encourage you to make the decision. “She was very proud of the results and how she is now.

As is known, Adamari Lopez lost more than 14 kg after deciding to lose weight. “Thanks to the attention and resources you have given me over the last 22 months, I have lost 32 pounds.”, Said Adamari Lopez.

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