Adamari Lopez: “I want my daughter to always be with me”

Miami Florida.

Adamari Lopez expressed his regret that He is separated from his daughter AaliyahWhen she wants Spends time with father The Spanish dancer Tony Costa.

It was recently, little Alaia went on vacation with Tony Costa to Spain.

The actress also admitted that she didn’t like the move, although she knew it was best for her 7-year-old daughter.

“What I want is the best for my daughter, even if she angers me, and has the opportunity to share with her father,” he admitted. Adamari Lopez In the project “today” (Telemundo)

“I want to always have her with me, but it’s something very important and healthy for her, and we can work for others as adults, but we have to do what’s best for her,” said the Puerto Rican. .

Alaia left for Spain with Tony Costa It will be the first time he has been away from his famous mother for so long, to spend the end of the year with his paternal family.

“They were mixed emotions for her and me,” said the Puerto Rican after saying goodbye to her daughter at the airport, knowing she wouldn’t see her for 11 days.

However, it also recognizes that the girl “continues to share, live with the rest of the family and spend some very beautiful days with her grandmother, her grandmother, her cousin, her uncles.”

With information from People en Español.

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