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Adamari Lopez.

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“Awesome,” he said Adamari Lopez When the journalist asked him:How do you see Tony-Costa already with his partner, has it been officially announced? ”. Evelyn Beltron, also known as “La Pichota”, has long been said to be the new love of the famous Spanish choreographer.

It was hard to avoid the situation that Adamari Lopez approached when the judges of the Miss Universe pageant in Israel came down from the area.

The first question the journalist asked her was about how she felt about this experience, having been a judge for the first time at such an important beauty event as Universal Beauty. Quiet. Happy. Laughs. Adamari Lopez responded. The second question, the last one the journalist asked, wiped Adamari’s smile, and he answered yes, but when she smiled, he did not do it when he first called her.

“Wonderful,” said Alia’s mother. Also, the fact that Tony Costa is showing himself in public has led many media outlets, such as Rumors No Like, to confirm or verify that what they say is true. Add to this the fact that Adamari has been saying for weeks that he and Tony are not going back. Well, for many, all of this still makes sense.

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