Adam Case of the Jets called on Greg Williams to fire

The fall of the New York Jets Indescribable decision to call Zero Blitz are quick in the game ending the game with a loss to the Las Vegas Riders on Sunday.

Defensive Coordinator Greg Williams was fired Monday, Within 24 hours of the lucky game call that reduced the Jets to 0-12. The The Jets announced the decision Monday afternoon.

The team’s official statement did not explain how the decision to split with Williams was reached. Head coach Adam Case – under his own fire – resolved that question later Monday in a conference call with reporters. That is his call.

When asked who decided to shoot Williams, Case said, “I did.” Per Kim Jones of the NFL Network. “I’m not happy about that call. It’s a heartbreaking way for our comrades to lose a game. … It should not happen.”

Adam Case, the Jets’ head coach, is credited with firing defensive coordinator Greg Williams. (Brad Benner / Reuters)

What did Greg Williams do?

This call is a nod to even the most casual football fan and “MaddenPlayers who can consider themselves NFL-ready playwrights.

With five seconds left, the Raiders were four points behind and 46 yards from the final zone. They had a frustrating play to score Touch Down, or the Jets would win the game.

Instead of withdrawing several zone guards to defend the goal line, Williams dialed a zero Blitz, meaning that each riders faced man-to-man coverage, with the remaining Jets defenders rushing Derek’s car into the quarterback.

The fastest player on the field runs for free

One of those recipients facing single coverage with rookie receiver Henry Rux, The fastest man in the 2020 NFL draft (4.27 40-yard line). Rux has so far failed to live up to his first-round descent from Alabama in his new NFL career. But you don’t have to be familiar with the intricacies of NFL path flow, you can pass security more than a defender on a travel path when you are the fastest man on the field.

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Rux did exactly what he did with his speed and stumble, the Jets knocked down cornerback Lamar Jackson and he was not given a fair chance to defend Rux thanks to Williams’ game call.

Williams’ shooting blows cold water on conspiracy theories

The defense was so exemplary that it led to the principles that the Jets made this call with the intention of losing the game to get first place in the upcoming NFL draft, which featured the first prize of the desirable Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

Williams’ shooting – and Case acknowledged that it was his decision – seems to distort those principles. If you have all the plans you can not shoot a guy to follow the orders to blow up a game. In a statement to the media on Monday, he said Case at least seemed to want to win the game.

Report by NFL Reporter Michael Silver Gas “never imagined” Williams would dial that security and not realize he had not been called Until he hears “zero” over his head – Shortly before the ball is thrown – Supports the non-complicity of the case.

So no. It doesn’t seem to have been part of a larger tank-to-Trevor project. If there is no more plot in playing here.

But that rabbit should not go down the hole. Not yet, at least.

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