Abinadar brings to UASD 8 projects for 200 classrooms and 20 labs.

According to President Louis Abinader, the government has at least eight plans for the expansion and construction of several university campuses of the Santo Domingo Autonomous University (UAST) in various parts of the country.

According to information provided by the President during the ceremony held in the main hall of the university, a total of 202 new classrooms and more than 20 laboratories will be created for UASD through these eight projects.

“The only thing I have done is to fulfill our duty and contribute with the necessary support to the UASD and I think it is not enough yet … before starting my political career and apparently becoming president, it has always been on my mind to support this university,” the ruler added.

During his dissertation, Abinader announced that four centers and three sub-centers would be built this year, including La Vega, Cய்te d’Ivoire, Bahorgo and San Cristobal; He said they already have the land to build the Santo Domingo East campus.

“My father was one of six siblings who came to study in the capital; At that time my grandmother chose to call him, he was able to come three years after he finished high school, because of the crisis, he was only able to study in the capital at that time … I know that. The reality of many people and families at this time is still there, ”the president said.

“We support UASD every day, and by supporting UASD we support the real social and economic development of the Dominican Republic,” he said.

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Apart from the fact that these works are the responsibility of the Ministry of Housing, Housing and Buildings (MIVED), Abinadar did not disclose the extent of these works; However, the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESSID), Franklin Garcia Fermin, said that President Abinader’s extraordinary financial contribution to the USAS was 2,220 million 517,321 pesos.

“With this amount, the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology has contributed to UASD by paying scholarships for postgraduate degrees and doctoral degrees, and 1,210 million, 875 thousand pesos for underprivileged students,” the official said.

Garcia Fermin said the government had provided 3,500 million pesos to the UASD over a 15-month period, an “unprecedented number”.

The Chief agrees
The Rector of the UASD, Emma Polanco, defined Abinadar’s presence as a historic event and promised that “no president has come to tell us what he did for us.”

In August 2020, after taking office, Bolenko recalled that President Abinader went to the Rector’s offices to extend his hand to the university.

During the process, the head of state acknowledged his contributions to the academy and said he was pleased and proud to have fulfilled his role as president with the necessary support for the UASD.

Stand up and raise your hand.
When President Abinadar was welcomed by officials, staff, professors and students, he received loud applause when he visited the UASD.

The event took place at the Aula Magna of the Universidad Prmaria de América, a symbolic place for all university students throughout its 484-year lifespan.

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Salary increase.
On January 17, the government approved UASD RD $ 1,300 million to meet operational requirements and a 15% second pay rise for the academy’s servers.

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