Abhinadhar puts his vision at 24

Yesterday, Abhinav launched the election campaign slogan of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM). New officers Of that official organization.

“Don’t look back,” the president repeated, addressing voters in a clear message. Go to the polls in 2024.

Abinadar He warned that the timing of other orders was “already expired”.

His statements were made during the development of a political session at the “Virgilio Travieso Soto” Sports Palace, where the President clarified his intention to seek a second presidency.

During his speech at an event aimed at presenting certificates to the new officers of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Abinadar He argued that this political system was an effect The democratic profession against discriminatory Cadilism.

Similarly, he stressed that almost two years ago, promises of jobs and change made people the largest political force in the country, and today they confirm what they did when the Dominicans were elected. Guides the goals of the Dominican Republic.

Pointing to their overwhelming defeat of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), the President said that the time of that political system was over and that “even though they are trying to deceive us again today, we Dominicans know that we are in opposition to the memory and where they are best (pedestals); they can shout at the people.” The government cannot be used to harm lives. “

In the same way, Abinadar At the next election, he stressed that other candidates for the presidency “have the courage to present themselves with the same faces and the same roles, and they have done nothing for the country.”

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Abinadar to the Opposition

“Let them contribute or leave” is the president’s message Abinadar Targeting the leaders of political parties who want to seize power.

He acknowledged that previous presidents had complained about problems they “never knew how to solve” and cited cases. Swelling And this Crime In his opinion, those governments have reached record numbers.

In the presence of more than 400 people he declared that his government has set a precedent for others in the country.

“We will no longer occupy the first places World corruption, But development and role model “, said the head of state.

PRM view

“We are that party Represents all Dominicans, Farmers, workers, youth, professionals, women, traders. We are all party. We are the party that represents the country in the best possible way. ”

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