ABC Meetings: “Friends, Beer and Science” at Cecual

Bachelor’s degree, Dr. Valeria Edelsztine, Lakes, and Dr. Claudio Cormic will think about how science thinks. DJ sounds Arthur Fabianiastronomical observations Astronor Chaco, Stands of chorichipas and craft breweries from the area complete the show. Share Free with pre-registration.

“The meetings promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge, and disseminate science to the general public in an accessible manner and in convenient settings,” explained Erica Bentz, ICCTI Highly Qualified Human Resources Area Chair and organizer of the activity.

Although the event is free, it requires pre-registration through the online form The first 30 people to register will get a surprise gift.

Bentz said that he seeks through advocates to reflect on scientific work in general. “When we talk about an awareness event, what is expressed is aimed at people who are not experts in the subject and that is why the language used is much simpler,” he said, distinguishing these meetings from conferences and seminars that use technical language and the target audience with prior knowledge. with issues.

“This cycle of ‘Friends, Bira, and Science’ meetings is aimed at interested people who want to learn more about science and have a new view of the results of the research that has been conducted,” he explained. “We want to bring science closer to the general public and awaken careers for those who have never seen research or science as a career option in the future,” Bentz added.

Heroes of the first ABC meeting

Valeria Edelsstein She has a PhD in Chemical Sciences (UBA) and a Higher Diploma in Science Teaching (FLACSO). She currently works as a CONICET researcher, Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires (ITBA) and coordinates the team of natural sciences trainers at the elementary level at the Teachers School.

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She is the author and host of the podcast “Let’s Tell Stories” that tells stories about science and its heroes. It is part of the “Científicas de Acá” project that highlights women who do and work in science in Argentina.

She has been a columnist and science consultant on several TV shows (La Liga de la Ciencia, Todo Hace un Porqué, Ciencian Industria Argentina, Proyecto G, among others), radio, graphic and digital media since 2011. In 2019 she participated in the International Visitor Program for the leadership “HiddenNoMore to Support Women in Science and Technology” organized by the US Department of State.

She is the author of textbook content and fifteen popular science books for all ages. Valeria Edelsztein is very active on social networks, and she can be found as ValeArvejita.

Claudius Cormick He holds a degree and doctorate in philosophy from the National University of Buenos Aires and the University of Paris. He is an Associate Researcher at CONICET and Professor of Contemporary Philosophy and Epistemology at the University of the Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Services (CEACE).

He has published more than twenty articles in professional journals and is also the author of Opacity and Relativism (Buenos Aires, Prometeo, 2019) and co-author of Arguments in Atta (Buenos Aires, TantaAgua, 2021).

In addition, he has co-authored the Philosophical Disclosure series via Twitter from his account ClaudioJavierCM.

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