Aaron Judge is ready for his new position with the Yankees

Star Aaron JudgeCaptain New York Yankees, is one of the inspirational figures and spark plugs in the team. The player stands out not only for his quality but also for his determination and love for the shirt.

Judge, the Bronx Sluggers' No. 99, plays a fundamental role in the lineup for a team looking to go far in the postseason. To do this, they have a powerful arsenal of capable players Gerrit Cole, Juan Soto, Giancarlo Stanton And, of course, the judge.

Precisely, with the arrival of Juan Soto, the plantations New York Yankees They seem very closed. The referee seems to be stable in the central field, however, the player has been listed in a new position for him, which opens up another opportunity for the management of the team.

Aaron Judge will be ready to debut in an unusual position

It is impossible Aaron Judge Missing in a row New York Yankees, unless it is due to injury. The player is crucial to the Bronx's team aspirations and finding the best version of him would be ideal for the Big Apple team. The player, for his part, is ready to help his club wherever he can, and to do so, he has refined details to an unusual degree.

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The reporter revealed in the news Aaron Judge He enjoyed playing again in a position he hadn't visited since his time at university in Fresno. In this sense, Kutty made it clear that these movements of his infield had nothing to do with the signing. Juan Soto.

Will we see Judge as a first baseman in 2024? Is this an ideal position for a lazy person?

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