A young man saved thousands of 5 and 10 paise coins to travel to Qatar in 2022

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What a story that is TikTok userk, @yorchaguilar, who Will go to Qatar 2022 World Cup after saving thousands of 5 and 10 peso coins. The video of the events has already crossed 22 million views.

The young man had saved these coins for the past two years Since his appointment, he indicated that the day of counting the money has arrived World Cup It’s already around the corner.

George Aguilar, TikToker’s real name is, He had to cut the boat where the money was, there were some coins that could not be removed; Used a knife, little by little the savings decreased.

The audience could not contain their anxiety and asked him to reveal the amount he charged.

LThe story should be told in two partsThere he published his method. First he divided the coins according to their values Later on He placed them in 10 layers So I can easily count them.

Eventually, Aguilar announced it He collected 17 thousand 900 pure coins of 10 paise and 14 thousand 320 of five.for Total 32 thousand 220 paisaHe will go with it Qatar 2022.

The World Cup starts on Sunday, November 20While hosts Qatar play host to Ecuador.

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