A woman was arrested selling counterfeit bags in Hail

the Hialeah Police The woman she was intended for was arrested Selling fake bags She tells her customers that they are excellent offers on products from famous designers.

The arrest was made on Monday on multiple charges of serious crimes. The name of the alleged scammer is Yanet Herrera, a 35-year-old mother. He lives on the outskirts of the city that is developing.

Herrera promised his victims that he could get them bags from luxury brands such as… Gucci, Louis Vuitton And Dior With irresistible prices, real deals that captivate their customers.

The buyers ended up discovering Herrera’s scam and demanded that he return the money. A seller of counterfeit goods in Hialeah disappeared, canceled contact numbers, and never returned a dime.

Local 10 He had access to Herrera’s arrest report filed by the Hialeah Police Department. It was a private investigator who raised the alarm about this type of theft since the end of September.

The man was hired by two people who claimed to be him Scammed by Herrera. One victim reported what happened to her and then another woman joined in to present her case.

The first victim paid $800 in cash and transferred another $300 via Zelle, for a total of $1,100. She expected to receive a pink Louis Vuitton bag worth $4,450, and a backpack from the same brand at an actual cost of $3,250. When he had the products in his hands, he discovered that they were not original.

The second victim had purchased bags from Herrera on other occasions. He believed it was authentic because Herrera told him he had bought four Louis Vuitton bags, two Dior and one Gucci from a friend who was a sales representative for those brands “and sold them to her at a discount.”

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The private investigator gathered enough information to open the case against Herrera. He even added videos of the alleged scammer offering goods to victims. It turned out that all the things the police seized from him were fake copies.

From 2019 to the present, Herrera has received 90 shipments to his home from a logistics company in South Carolina. The packages contained handbags, wallets and other women’s clothing. It is estimated that he received $13,700 as part of a “systematic” fraud scheme.

Authorities arrested Herrera on Monday as he waited for his son in a boxing class at Hialeah Gardens. She was arrested on two counts of first-degree grand larceny, sale of counterfeit goods, and organized scheme to defraud.

It can be difficult for many people to spot counterfeit bags. There are specialists trained to recognize them, and artificial intelligence tools are being used to flag potential frauds.

There are also customers who prefer to pay less and take it home ‘So fake’, imitating high-quality designer bags, which is especially popular among low-income but fashion-loving young people. Of course, what no one wants is to be sold a fool’s errand.

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