A video clip showed the horror that befell the passengers of a plane that was forced to make an emergency landing

On Wednesday, Avianca flight AV8524 from Bogotá to Barranquilla was forced to make an emergency landing in Montería.

According to the airline, the plane “There was an alert in the electrical system, and after procedures, the captain requested to land at Monteria Airport.”. Although its landing took place without problems, a video clip of one of the plane’s passengers is known.

In the recording: moments of panic due to emergency.

On a recording originally released by “NewsRCN.com‘You can see the suffering of the passengers of the flight that left at five in the morning

In the photos, the recording holder comments that the clip is from the moment of landing.

“It felt like the front axle had lowered,” he says.

In parts of the recording circulated on social media, the natural fear of passengers can be observed. In the pictures, a number of passengers appear clinging to their chairs in the midst of an emergency.

“It’s slowing down, it’s slowing down,” says the man who. register. the Finally, after landing in Monteria, applause was heard in unison.

According to platforms specializing in aircraft monitoring, the flight from Bogotá to Montería took 1 hour and 3 minutes.

“The passengers and crew landed safely in Montería at 06:25 a.m., and will continue their itinerary to Barranquilla this Wednesday on board flight AV8524 scheduled to depart at 9:45 a.m.,” the airline stated.

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