A trick to charge a cell phone battery when there is no light at home

A man sees that his phone has no battery and at the same time there is no electricity in his house. | Photo: Getty Images/iStockPhoto

Currently, smartphones represent more than a device for making or receiving calls, today they allow us to surf the Internet, chat, create or share content on social networks, buy goods and pay bills or public services. However, battery charging remains an issue of concern.

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Although modern cell phones have high-capacity batteries, smart charging and fast charging systems, their users are still very concerned about battery life. For this reason, people often have a certain obsession with the percentage of power left in their phone, especially when they are in areas where they cannot charge the device.

This situation becomes more complicated if there is a failure in the power service and the user is left without light. However, two actions can be used to recharge the device's battery even if there is no electricity in the home or in person.

How to charge a smartphone battery if there is no power?

Charge smartphone with car

In the event of a power outage at home, users can turn their car battery into a backup source for their smartphone. It is only necessary to use a USB cable to connect the smartphone to the port in the vehicle.

But it's important to remember that when using this method, it may take up to two hours for the phone to charge to 100% because a car battery handles the same amperage as a home power outlet.

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