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The festival comes to Panama in a shorter format, Hay Fórum, and with the aim of celebrating more sessions in the future.

The festival's vision is to bring culture, ideas and conversation to a wide audience. Photo: Sam Hardwick

he There is a festivalan event that began 37 years ago (High-on-Wye, Wales).has been around for 20 years in Latin America and Panama will join the regions, such as Mexico, Peru and Colombia, where it has been implemented.

In Wales, the festival is usually held for 15 days annually in the month of May, while in Panama it will be held in a shorter period and focus on topics and proposals. We are talking about… There is a Panama City forum (https://www.hayfestival.com).

The festival is a new option where literature And they appear Interesting topics and paintings relevant to the world we live inexplained Cristina Fuentes Laroche, International Director of the Hay Festival.

Laroche stressed that they are happy to have arrived in Panama and hope to continue holding more editions, as the event has witnessed Very positive effect In the countries where it was implemented.

in Cartagena de Indiasin Colombia, the event will be 19 years old and, according to Laroche, certainly marks the festival Economic, cultural and social repercussions Important for the venues that hosted the festival.

the Sustainability The festival has been a catalyst for its own events and other events, as well Planted seeds Which has already paid off. Constanza Escobar, from the High Colombia Festival, commented on this in It happened It had special guests who had previously attended it, but as an audience.

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Escobar also stated that the festival has tourism value, as the places where it is celebrated become places of interest to followers of the event.

It is worth noting that the festival's vision is being achieved Culture, ideas and conversation Still general Broad, so young people are an essential part of the event.


On January 23 and 24, the first edition of Hay Forum Panama City will be presented in three venues, the Applehe Interoceanic Canal Museum And the Anita Villalas Theater. There will be 16 activities (roundtables and talks) and 35 guests from eight countries.

Activities will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Afternoon and evening activities are $7 and student admission is free with prior registration at https://acortar.link/zj2wdy.

Four activities will be held at La Manzana, all of which will be Free access For all attendees.

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