A sound that warns of problems with the car’s steering

Maybe you’ve ever wondered Why does your car screech every time you turn the steering wheel?. ok, Find the source of the problem, You have to dig a little deeper. How does the noise sound? Hear a squeal, squeal, squeal, squeal, buzz, or click? The noise your car makes can tell you what kind of problem you may be facing.

There are many reasons why you might hear a noise from the steering wheel coming from the front of your vehicle. After all, complex mechanisms and connections must support the entire weight of the engine and car. Here are the basic reasons why your vehicle makes noise every time you turn the steering wheel.

The smoothness or maneuverability of the steering wheel is highly dependent on the power steering.
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Main causes of noise

A growling, whining or screeching noise your car makes every time you turn onto the road is a sign of a serious problem. If you lubricate the parts it will help temporarily. However, if you don’t address the root cause of the problem immediately, these components will eventually fail. In general, the main causes of noise when your steering wheel turns are:

1. Noise while driving at low speed

Are you driving at low speeds? If your vehicle makes a noise when turning, you need to inspect the condition of the suspension or power steering system. It is possible Clicking, popping or creaking noises are caused by worn or damaged suspension joints. Because they resist impact pits On the highway, they eventually wear out while bearing the weight of the car. When the linkage is damaged, the suspension components begin to scrape at the attachment point, creating the noise you hear.

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On the other hand, If you hear a rattling noise, the power steering pump may be bad. Check for noise coming from the front of the engine. If so, the pump is definitely the culprit.

A car’s ball joints are an important part of the steering and suspension system.
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2. Noise while driving at high speed

If you are driving at high speeds and hear a noise from the steering wheel, there is a problem with the bearings, CV joints or differential. Every time you take a sharp turn the bad connection makes noises. On the other hand, If you hear a noise, try checking the wheel bearings. When your car shifts its weight during a turn, the load goes to the bearings. This problem needs to be addressed immediately, as ignoring it can lead to uneven tire wear. If things get serious, the wheels can start to wobble.

3. Noise while driving at normal speed

At normal driving speeds, screeching, screeching and screeching noises are caused by faulty components.. There may be damaged parts in the power steering system. Hence, it is recommended to have it checked by a professional mechanic.

If you have a loose belt or your power steering fluid is low, you can easily fix the problem yourself.

The steering column connects the suspension to the steering wheel.
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On the other hand, there are components in the system Powerful steering It may crack, wear or break over time. These parts include the tie rod and steering gear that connect the nodes; A belt that drives the pump at the front of the machine; and hoses connecting the gear and pump. So when you hear a squeal every time you turn the steering wheel at normal driving speeds, it indicates a problem with the components of the power steering system.

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