A sick Cuban immigrant on the street asks for help in Mexico

A Cuban immigrant He was lying in a street in the city for several days TapachulaIn MexicoThanks to the generous intervention of a Mexican in the last few hours, they got a Beta team unit to transfer him to the hospital.

“Cuban immigrants need help. He’s not drunk, he’s just sick. Laying for more than 24 hours. It is weak. I have already given him food and drink, but he needs more. It rained last night. I gave him a jacket. As much as I can, but help me, what else can I do? Obviously it needs medical attention”, this is the first publication On Facebook by Christian Pinto.

Facebook screenshot/Christian Pinto

In the comments section of his post, many netizens chimed in asking what to do or be willing to help.

Among many others videos Posted by Pinto in the past few hours, you can see two other Cuban immigrants trying to help their country in Mexico.

Cristian Pinto strongly criticized the fact that neither the municipal civil defense nor the Red Cross were ready to help and thanked the intervention of the Beta group, which specializes in supporting migrants.

When he partially recovered, the sick Cuban immigrant identified himself as “Yuliel Arango Pestar.” Born on March 25, 1992 and born in Mariano, Havana.

One of his Cuban comrades, whose name is Lázaro Yosue, was born on February 22, 1967, and hails from the Santos Suárez neighborhood in the Tís de October municipality of Havana.

At the end of this note, no other details about the case were available. The current status of the ill migrant is unknown.

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