A shooting surprised the MC candidate while recording the campaign video

This Tuesday night, March 30, one of the videos shown on social media went viral Claudio Vega Rock, Deputy Candidate in San Luis Potos, He is surprised by a shooting while filming an advertisement for his political campaign.

“My name is Claudio Vega Rock, a native of Tamu, I am 49 years old, the son of Temaso Vega Juarez and …”, Vega listens to Rock, who starts to hear explosions seconds later, and walks a few meters to find out what’s going on.

The events took place in the main square Tamuin Municipality in Bodos, San Luis, Mexico.

According to official information, a few meters from where the candidate was, especially in the garage of a house, An armed group broke the privacy and entered to hang someone with a bullet to the head. Later, the same order clashed with the municipal police.

For its part, the San Luis Bodos Attorney General’s Office announced the 44-year-old was driving a red car. When he was recently stopped by armed men in a white model vehicle.

Chart (EFE / Daniel Ricardes)

During the attack, police patrolled the area and were in contact with the attackers. Who, in order not to be caught, started firing towards the uniformed men. They left the unit they were carrying.

Although police patrol received gunshot wounds, no organ was injured or there was no life to mourn. Eventually, tactical equipment was retained inside the attackers’ vehicle.

Violent campaigns

In early March, murder Rodrigo Sanchez Florus, அக்கா “Ferrari ”. Man He was released from prison in 20 days, where he spent three years on charges of murdering a political activist. Simeon Aquino Salazar, Shot on March 3, 2011.

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Sanchez Flores, a former candidate of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) for mayor of Tamasunchale in 2009 and 2015, was hanged at about 12:00 p.m. He was traveling in a black KIA car in Periferico where he met Avenida Horizonte.

“Ferrari” died at the scene, while his wife and father who came with him were injured and taken to hospital.

In October last year, armed individuals went viral on social media, threatening to start a clean-up in the municipality of Tamasunchale: Rodrigo Sanchez Florus ”, Referred to in the record.

Former political lock, Rodrigo Sanchez assassinated after regaining his independence (Photo: Twitter / Awareness)
Former political lock, Rodrigo Sanchez assassinated after regaining his independence (Photo: Twitter / Awareness)

Rodrigo Sanchez Flores is a controversial character. In 2009 he was the PRI candidate for the municipal presidency Tamasunchale, San Luis Bodosa. He was also the state president of the Revolutionary Youth Front. In 2012, his capture revealed that the murder of his opponent was suspected within the PRI and the political activist, Simeon Aquino Salazar.

Later, Sanchez Flores was acquitted by a judge in 2015, during which time he again sought to run for mayor of Tamasunchale. Four years later, Ferrari was jailed for murder and kidnapping.

This week, Julio Caesar Kalindo Perez, President of the Federation of Employers of the Republic of Mexico (Coppermex) In San Luis Bodos, died after a victim Attack. That man Trapped by bullets When he was nearby on Monday afternoon Vulcanizer Avenita is located in Avenida Bodos, a block of Dr. Salvador Nava Martinez, in the vicinity of the Lomas Primara unit.

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