A Russian restaurant opened in Byamo

Plaza Roja café grill, a Russian restaurant managed by MSME, was inaugurated in Bayamo last Saturday with an invitational dinner attended by the top officials of the regime in the region.

“The grand opening of Cafe-Grill Plaza Roja, Bayamo was attended by dignitaries from the government, party and part of Russian society. A fusion of two countries coming together on one plate to taste!!!”, Advertising Sublimagen mipyme on Facebook is owned by Oleg Zamora, a businessman with visible ties to power in Cuba, who declared his business the product of the “strategic vision” of government and party leaders in Bayamo.

Pictures of the inauguration show the venue decorated in a Russian theme and staff dressed in typical Eurasian national costumes.

“For those who have Russophobia, for those who do not believe in the friendship between Cuba and Russia, for those who believe that this relationship of brotherhood and respect will not work, we ask you to listen to the words of our President Miguel Diaz. Canal”, wrote A few days ago Zamora took to his networks, in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with a clear reference to the rejection and skepticism that the rapprochement between the Cuban regime and Putin in recent months has caused in the Cuban public sphere.

Promotional video reports about the different types of Russian food that the restaurant offers, for example, borsch, cholyanka or Olivier salad.

“We are in General Garcia’s Payames promenade, great comfort and service; order by tablet with a picture of what you want to consume, to enjoy a pleasant time with your partner, family or friends. Don’t think about it, visit us!!!!”, of the business Reading another post with pictures.

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In December of last year, Zamora, the owner of Sublimagen mipyme, prepared the note for the inauguration of Plaza Rosa, which now opens its doors. To entertain Nana Quilax, the Russian Consul General in Cuba.

Sublimagen mipyme, one of the private companies recognized by the Cuban government, was initially dedicated to printing and designs, and its services include the loading of goods and foodstuffs.

“We don’t have a place like this in any other city in Cuba. I believe it will be a place where not only Russian citizens can come, but also people from other countries who have studied in Russia can come here and enjoy themselves,” the Russian ambassador told the Cuban official press at the time about the restaurant.

The connection of this private company and its members to the Cuban regime is evident not only in the work they do, but also in the revelations of all the meetings its members hold with people close to political power.

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