A rande block breaks down, leaving Padan with no fuel and high resistance

Failure and fuel shortage of Unit 5 of Termoelectrica Renté in Santiago de Cuba To launch one of the yachts of Karadeniz Holding, a Turkish company located in Havana Bay, they prepared The Electricity Union (UNE) will announce an increase in blackouts in Cuba This Tuesday.

As stated therein Official reference From a government agency that reported some power outages for production reasons in July and early August, At present there will be a shortfall of 361 MW during peak hours during the day, which is expected to cause night-time outages In the middle of very hot nights.

In its memo, UNE did not explain what caused Renté’s Unit 5 to go out of service or how long it would take to fix it.

The country already experienced blackouts on Monday night due to low power generation, the company pointed out, which started around 8:30 pm and lasted throughout the morning.

At dawn the Cuban electricity system has 2,370 megawatts of reserve, and demand of 2,550.

Apart from the damaged Renté unit, Unit 3 of that generation plant and Unit 2 of Felton were out of service due to breakdowns. Renté’s 6th unit is also under maintenance.

however, The current problem lies in UNE’s inability to compensate for these outages in so-called distributed generationAs 1,021 MW is unavailable due to failure, 238 MW is under maintenance, mainly contributed by so-called generator sets running on imported fuel oil.

Despite this, Officials predict the Turkish Batana will enter service in Havana Bay on Tuesday night Melons is connected to the power substation, which will provide 110 MW and Rende Unit 3 and 145 MW in generator sets.

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“We have already started. It was promised a year ago that there will be no problems with electricity this summer and that we will not be able to spend more than 15 days without electricity,” questioned David Telles Lopez Chavez. Facebook wall Caribe Lázaro Manuel Alonso, journalist of the official channel, commented on the blackout situation.

“Add to this the discomfort caused by lack of food and services, or shortages, high private prices and the lack of these in the public sector,” he added.

The government won During the last July session of the National Assembly of People’s Power The power outage was controlled during such a critical period for the authoritiesAs many people are vacationing in their homes, the extreme heat makes it difficult to relax.

Before the organization’s plenary meeting, the Minister of Energy and Mines, Vicente de la O Levy, presented the results as “Strategy to restore the presence of production capacities in distributed generation machines and thermal plants”. Keeping exposure time to a minimum”.

Despite this, he admitted that at least two Turkish boats had left Cuba this year “according to what was agreed in the contracts”, although only one of the chartered facilities was reported to have left the island.

The government wants to avoid blackouts like the one Cubans experienced between April and November 2022 at all costs.Outages lasting more than 12 hours in some regions caused social unrest in several cities, and were the result of protests in Havana in late September and early October.

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Those peaceful demonstrations were crushed by the regime’s repression. But the reasons for their emergence are practical and the government knows it.

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