A prototype of Steve Jobs’ Apple-1 computer sold for nearly US$700,000 at auction.

Image released by RR Auction of a prototype Apple-1 computer (RR Auction via AP)

A An original prototype of the Apple-1 computer from the mid-1970s has sold at auction for nearly $700,000. and was purchased by a San Francisco Bay Area collector who asked to remain anonymous.

Apple founder, Steve Jobs, along with his partner, Stevie Wozniak He explained that premise to Paul Terrell, owner of The Bite Shop, in 1976. One of the world’s first personal computer stores was located in Mountain View, California.

As advertised, this prototype has some minor damage “A crack from the area adjacent to the electricity…”

“There’s no Apple-1 without this plate: it’s the holy grail of Steve Jobs and Apple memories”said Bobby Livingston, executive vice president of RR Auctions, which is in charge of the auction.

According to the item description on the auction website, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak first envisioned the Apple-1 computer as part of a DIY kit.With a value of USD 40.

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs (Reuters)
Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs (Reuters)

It was Terrell who convinced the entrepreneur to turn the product into a pre-assembled personal computer that would sell for about $666.He then placed his first major order with them.

The plate was exposed in Polaroid photographs taken by Terrell in 1976. Shows what is in use. It has been reviewed and approved by Apple-1 expert in 2022 Corey Cohen joined with the 13-page notary’s report of the sale.

The device also passed through Wozniak’s hands, as it appears to have been soldered by him onto a single “Apple Computer A” circuit board, according to the auction house.

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The prototype was on Apple Garage’s property several years ago About 30 years ago Jobs gave the seller.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

The piece is considered a A piece of computer history and technology giant, until recently considered lost.

last year, A rare Apple-1 computer built in Jobs’ home fetched $400,000 at auction. It is one of 200 designed by Wozniak. Another Apple-1 sold in London in 2020 for $470,000.

“Few Apple artifacts can be considered as rare, early, or historic as this Prototype Apple-1.Spent years in the ‘garage where Apple was born’…,” the ad stated.

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