A popular Univision host was kicked out of the coronation of King Carlos III

  • The Univision Maria Antonietta Collins would not have authorized the coronation of King Carlos III.

Mahakotsavam on 6th May King Charles III And this Queen Camillawho then took their new place in royalty Queen Isabel II Passed away on October 7, 2022.

The event was attended by journalists from different parts of the world and from various television networks Univisionwho sent Marie Antoinette CollinsMexican journalist, reporter and author, to cover the event.

however, Javier Ceriani Gossip No Like reported that the host and journalist had been kicked out of the coronation King Charles IIIWhile carrying out his journalistic duties during the coverage.

“AP had international coverage and should have been accredited, but Univisión didn’t recognize Maria Antonietta Collins, they fired herThey held her hand and walked up the street, and then you can hear her saying on her coverage that a sister Chanel gave her 5 minutes, actually, a Chanel gave her 3 minutes for me.

“Mom, they kicked you out because you said you were coming in Univision You, you don’t have coverage, they don’t recognize it (…) Marie Antoinette lived to shame them “, commented. Cheriani on Marie Antoinette Collins.

According to Javier Ceriani, Univisión was unable to resolve the authentication issue during the event.

Instagram: @collinsoficial

According to Javier Ceriani, Univision Unable to solve the authentication problem, however, it is unlikely that the chain will be able to transmit the expected coverage.

The Mexican journalist has not shared anything about this information, claiming to have been kicked out of the event.

Instagram: @collinsoficial

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