A poll suggests that Rodolfo Hernandez and Gustavo Pedro will join forces in the Colombian election.

(CNN Spanish) – The first poll after the first presidential round in Colombia presents a very tight picture of the June 19 final election.

A survey Chief of the National Advisory Center for the Colombian Media Provides a technical tie for the purpose of voting between presidential candidates Gustavo Pedro and Rodolfo Hernandez. For the second round this Sunday.

Hernandez received 41% of the vote, compared to the 39% received by Pedro. Empty votes were 5% and undecided 14%. 1% of respondents will not vote for anyone. According to the results.

The margin of error of the survey is 2.8% and 95% confidence.

Pedro and Hernandez, under the magnifying glass for complaints and accusations 2:49

Following Sunday’s election system, Hernandez is stronger in areas such as AJ Cafetero and Antioquia than Petro (54% vs. 26%); The country’s Middle-East (51% vs. 23%) and the country’s Mid-South (46% vs. 34%).

Pedro, on the other hand, has an advantage over Bogot over Hernandez (49% against 39%); In the Caribbean (48% against 33%) and the Colombian Pacific (57% vs. 23%).

According to the census data, people in the upper strata vote more for Rodolfo Hernandez than Gustavo Petro (52% vs. 40%), while those in the middle tier prefer Petro. There is a technical tie in the lower tier respondents: 40% against Hernandez. 39% petro).

Left-wing candidate Gustavo Pedro received a majority of more than 8.5 million votes in the first round. Hernandez, who calls himself an ‘outsider’ and gained strength in the pre-election weeks, received 5.9 million votes, beating well-known candidates such as Federico Guterres and Sergio Fazardo.

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