A plane returned to the airport

(CNN) –– The United Airlines flight, which took off for Honolulu and returned to Denver International Airport on Saturday, suffered an engine failure and debris from a plane that crashed on the outskirts of Denver.

An Air Force spokesman said Flight 328 returned safely to the airport at 1:30 p.m., local time.

About 20 minutes after police arrived at Broomfield, Colorado Tell me via Twitter They received information that the plane, which was flying over the suburbs of Denver, had a mechanical problem and “threw garbage in various neighborhoods at 1:08 p.m.”

“There were no reports of injuries at this time,” the tweet said.

Other police records have landed in Commons Park, Northmore and Red Leaf areas of the city, about 25 miles north of Denver and 30 miles east of Denver International Airport.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) confirmed in a statement that the Boeing 777-200 returned safely to Denver International Airport “after experiencing a proper mechanical failure immediately after takeoff.”

“The FAA is aware of reports of debris near the aircraft’s runway,” the statement said.

On Saturday, February 20, the wreckage of a United Airlines plane crashed into a football field in Broomfield, Colorado.

United Airlines told CNN that there were 241 people on board the 328, including 10 crew.

In flight control communications with Flight 328 obtained via CNN, pilots are asked to issue an emergency call. “We experienced a mechanical failure,” they say in the records.

Rachel Welt, a spokeswoman for the Broomfield Police Department, told a news conference that the company had received calls from residents that they had heard a large explosion.

“Then they began to see what they thought was a plane falling from the sky. What they were was a wreck,” Weld pointed out.

Police are working with the National Traffic Safety Board to protect the large debris field, which the FAA said is responsible for the investigation.

“The board has opened an investigation into the February 20, 2021 motorcycle incident. Denver-based investigators are responding,” company spokesman Peter Nutson told CNN.

Meanwhile, Broomfield police have warned residents not to touch or move the plane if they see debris in their yard. Precisely because the National Transportation Safety Board “wants all rubbish to be investigated.

Kieran Cain told CNN while playing with her children at a local elementary school that they heard a big crash when a plane flew overhead.

“We saw it, we heard the big bang, we looked up, there was black smoke in the sky,” Cain told CNN.

“The debris started raining, you know, it was like floating, not very heavy. But if you look at them now, they’re huge pieces of metal everywhere,” he said.

“I was surprised that the plane continued without any interruption, without actually changing its trajectory or doing anything,” he said. “It’s nothing.”

Cain said he and his sons took refuge when the debris fell.

CNN’s Pete Mundian contributed to the report.

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