A New York City Millionaire Who Collects Cans Will Lose Historic Building

Lisa Vykowski, 71, is a well-known homeless woman who collects cans and bottles on the street and sometimes sleeps in her car, but she has a fortune of $8 million and can now lose one of her possessions.

It is a building in the Sugar Hill area of ​​Manhattan. The property was in dispute between the authorities and Fiekowsky, who won a legal battle to keep the property, but only left it abandoned.

The Buildings Department has now decided to demolish the 125-year-old building, because it has become a hazard, has received no maintenance and has broken ceilings and weak walls, a New York Post report notes.

The report notes that the owner likely came out in defense of the property and managed to make millions of dollars by demolishing the building located at 451 Convent Street in Harlem.

“The site has amassed thousands of dollars in fines, countless violations, and a lawsuit in the city over nine years, leading the Buildings Department to take matters into their own hands and plan to demolish the historic building,” he says. the report.

The decision of the authorities is based on the fact that owners of emblematic buildings are obliged by law to maintain real estate in good condition, but Fiekowsky has not taken responsibility since 2000, when he bought the property.

She lives in Brooklyn, where it is common to see her driving a modest car.

The Post reports that Fiekowsky owned two iconic Harlem properties, but did not pay a dime of the thousands of dollars in fines incurred, in addition to his failure to perform maintenance work.

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