A new tax for Romanians! They will pay 100 euros. When the decision will be made

A new tax for Romanians! The mayor of Sector 6 of the Capital declared in Digi 24 who wants to increase the parking fee. Therefore, Ciprian Ciucu proposes that the parking fee be increased to 300-400 lei, approximately 100 euros.

He thinks that such an amount, which is paid annually, is more than acceptable.

“Around 300-400 lei per year, it should be here (parking fee – no.). 100 euros a year for a parking space is more than acceptable anyway,” said Ciprian Ciucu in Digi 24.

A new tax for Romanians! Ciprian Ciucu also spoke about this aspect on his Facebook page

The mayor of Sector 6 of the Capital, Ciprian Ciucu, published on Sunday afternoon, in his Facebook, a message about abandoned or improperly parked cars.

He specified that at the moment there is not the money necessary for the construction of vertical parking lots or smartparking. Also, there is no more space for the construction of horizontal parking lots.

“Today I went out to the field, looking everywhere. Many demand tolerant policies towards cars abandoned in public spaces or parked in vain, even in green spaces. According to the principle, “let’s do the parking lots first.”

I agree with the idea of ​​parking, but at approx. Parking space of 12 euros / year, we will never have money for vertical parking or smartparking. And horizontally there is no more space. Only if we take out of the green space, what we don’t want! ”Says Ciprian Ciucu.

A new tax for Romanians! Must allow authorities to build parking lots

In this context, Ciprian Ciucu believes that a parking fee should be adopted to allow the authorities to build parking lots.

“The General Council of the Municipality must do the right thing, not continue with the populism of the last 30 years and adopt a parking fee that allows us to build parking lots!” Says the mayor of Sector 6.

In the same message, the mayor of Sector 6 also stated that there is only one thing that can be done quickly and without a lot of money: free up space from abandoned cars.

“What we can do without a lot of money and quickly is to free the public space from abandoned cars there, and we will do it. So we need to have zero tolerance policies for indifference / insensitivity. I am not a supporter of zero tolerance policies in any context. , but when you knowingly park in the mud, take it on the sidewalk, in the street and in our lungs, then you pay! ”says Ciprian Ciucu.

At the end of the message, he gave for example the capital of Japan and explained that in Tokyo you cannot buy your car if the parking space is not credited.

In Tokyo (and London, but I’m not sure), you can’t buy a car if you don’t prove your parking space. We have to invest in public and alternative transportation, otherwise we will continue to suffer ”, said Ciprian Ciucu, mayor of Sector 6 of the Capital.

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