A new 50 pound note with the Alan Turing picture will go into circulation in the middle of the year

Alan Turing new 50 note. Guide through Bank of England / REUTERS / Illustration

A new 50-pound note (.4 68.4) with the image of Alan Turing, considered the father of computing, will go into circulation on June 23, the birthday of the British mathematician., Bank of England confirmed this Thursday.

The bank’s announcement was consistent Presentation of the design of the new polymer banknote with advanced security features. The design of the banknote became known in the European summer of 2019 and the decision to dedicate it to Touring was made in 2018.

It can be combined with other banknotes made of the same material, with such a long duration 5 lbs ($ 6.8) This contains the image Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, That 10 lbs ($ 13.7), from Celebrity Writer Jane Austen, And that 20 lbs ($ 27.3), from Binder JMW Turner.

Turing played a key role in distorting the Enigma code during World War II. His legacy has a great impact on the way modern society lives.

Alan Turing
Alan Turing

The new rupee note is like a 20 pound note Two windows and two colors, which is very difficult to fake, According to the Bank of England. It also has a hologram that changes between the words “fifty” and “pounds” as the bill changes from page to page. It also has a tactile quality aimed at helping visually impaired people recognize its name.

The bank said citizens of the United Kingdom can Use old banknotes regularly They will also be notified at least six months prior to their withdrawal from circulation.

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His homosexuality has been proven

“The nature of a nation is something in its currency. It is right to celebrate people with our bills.”, Urged the governor of the company, Andrew Bailey, Introduces the new design “from one of the leading scientists in the UK”.

“Turing is very famous for the decoding work at Bletchley Park, which helped end World War II.”Bailey said while emphasizing other skills such as Turing’s mathematician or pioneer in computer science.

Alan Turing
Alan Turing

He also recalled being a scientist “He was also gay, and as a result was treated in a creepy way.”. “By placing his picture on our new 50 note, we celebrate his achievements and the values ​​he represents.”, He pointed out.

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