A man won a lottery prize where he would get $1,000 a month for 10 years, but he preferred to get $78,000 in one go.

A man from Massachusetts He won a $120,000 lottery prize where he could have received $1,000 a month for 10 years, but he preferred a single cash payment.. Now he wants to use his newfound wealth to make home improvements, he told the Massachusetts Lottery.

Kevin Lewy, a Webster town man, has won a prize of $1,000 a month for 10 years in the $2 “Decade of Dollars” lottery card game.

Lewie had two options for accepting the award. You could have agreed to receive 120,000 as an annuity for the next ten years or, as a second option, you could have received the award in one payment.

The man said he preferred to receive the amount in one go.

After paying $42,000 in taxes, the man ended up receiving $78,000. the total.

The lucky winner purchased their ticket at the Country Farm Store, a convenience store located at 119 E. Main St., California. in Webster.

The two largest lottery jackpots won in Massachusetts so far in 2023 were two lottery jackpots, one $33 million and the other $31 million.. Both prizes were from the Mega Millions game.

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