A man manages to travel from Europe to the United States with only one penny, how did he do it?

young man influencers He made American history when he subsequently became a millionaire Cross the country with just a penny in your pocket. It comes to Ryan Trahanit’s one of the YouTubers He became famous in the country because he dedicates himself to performing extreme challenges, trying to imitate the famous.mr monster“.

In this case, he decided to traverse the entire United States with only one cent capital. Not only was he able to take up the challenge, but he was also able to help a worthy cause with the money raised.

The challenge was to travel around the country to exchange currency for other things with which he could continue traveling in the United States. In this way, he earned enough money to be able to travel from Los Angeles to North Carolina.

Thus, he collected 1.5 million dollars

an idea Ryan Trahan Giving a penny to “Mr. Beast” was at the end of the ride. This challenge has already begun influencers Tucker Doss In 2021, cross-country biking is a challenge that Ryan managed to turn into an amazing fundraiser for the nonprofit. Feed America.

And in the video, the difficult path he took influencers In order to achieve one of his dreams. Despite the fact that it happened more than a year ago, its achievement was remembered on social networks.

In addition, viewers of the videos made small donations for it Ryan Trahan can implement the challenge. He devoted himself to touring the country spending enough money to eat at low cost places like the famous fast food chains McDonald’s.

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The goal was to raise $100,000 for Feeding America, but finally, the success was so resounding that the collection grew to $1.5 million.

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