A man is suffering from cancer

A man who suffers Cancer Stomach was forced to refill his truck to pay Medical expenses for treatment.

That person, a resident of the state Tabasco Inside Mexico, He did not even think that the winner would return his truck as a prize.

Juan Manuel Vidells Montero He posted on his social networks the moment the vehicle was delivered Chevrolet 400SS To the winner of the draw.

Vidells Montero Thanks for the contributions from the participants. These greatly helped to cover the costs of a surgery and subsequent treatment.

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As can be seen in the pictures, the man hands over a folder with the documents for the ownership of the vehicle to the winner, however, the young man returns them, making it clear that it is a gift. Unable to hold back his tears, Viddles, who was suffering from cancer, thanked him with an unexpected gesture: “I’m blessed to have friends with big hearts like you.”

The dynamics of the raffle, which took place on December 24 with a contribution of 199 Mexican pesos (about $ 9) per ticket, were previously circulated on social media.

The raffle guaranteed two cash prizes of 20,000 pesos ($ 970) for second place and approximately 10,000 pesos ($ 484) for third place.


The winner of the vehicle Marco Polo Rodriguez Catanas, A young man who looked remarkably excited about getting the Chevrolet 400SS pickup, was about to be presented to him by Widels.

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This gesture by the young Marco Rodriguez has generated various positive comments for the joy of returning the truck to the cancer-stricken Vitals.

The identity of the other two men who were part of the unforgettable gesture of young Rodriguez Catanas is not yet known.

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